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Summit Speakers

We brought industry experts together to share their unique insights.

Joe Jonovich_headshot

Joe Jonovich

Joe is a highly accomplished professional with a passion for entomology and nematology. He holds a prestigious M.S. degree from the University of Florida, where he specialized in the study of insects and nematodes within the Department of Entomology and Nematology.

With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years, Joe has amassed extensive experience in the pest management industry. His journey includes successful ventures such as owning his own pest management company, contributing his expertise to a leading manufacturer, and serving as a respected technical director for a Top-20 company in the field.

Currently, Joe leverages his profound knowledge and expertise to make a significant impact on the industry. As a dedicated educator and consultant, he offers invaluable training and consulting services tailored to the specific needs of the pest management industry and related fields. Through his guidance, countless professionals and organizations have achieved excellence and sustainable pest control practices.

Joe’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the field of pest management and his profound contributions to the industry make him a highly sought-after expert and a true asset to any project or organization.

bob williamson

Bob Williamson

Cetane Associates

Bob Williamson has worked with a large Mid-Atlantic Residential Service provider for over 30 years. The
list of services that Bob has managed includes Heating Oil, Propane, HVAC, Plumbing, Home Security,
Swimming Pool, Lawn & Tree Care, and Pest Control. This covers over 25,000 customers and 250
employees. He has handled over 40 acquisitions and has visited many diverse service companies across
the country looking for and sharing ideas that can help his company grow and prosper. He serves on the
Pennsylvania Pesticide Advisory Board, is the past President of the Lawn Care Association of
Pennsylvania, and is also the past President of the Warrington PA Rotary Club. Bob has BS in Agronomy
from Penn State University and an MBA from LaSalle University. He and his wife Kathy have 2 children.
Bob’s hobbies include reading, distance running, golf, and trivia of any kind. He has completed over 30
marathons and has directed a local 5k race for over 25 years.

Jasmine Almeter

Jasmine Almeter

Residential & Commercial Pest Pros

Stories, come in all shapes and sizes.
This is a business story, of Jasmine PestPro, and her journey to starting her own company- Residential & Commercial Pest Pros!
When choosing a service provider, WHO is providing the service, and WHY is just as important as the the service itself! It’s my privilege to be able to tell her story.
John Shishilla Headshot

John Shishilla

FABI President & Owner @ Honor Services

Trandon Groscost

Secure 24

Bob Pearson

Inspector Pro Insurance

Having performed over 10,000 home inspections himself, Executive Broker Bob Pearson has a unique and unparalleled understanding of home inspecting. The Godfather of home inspector insurance, broker Bob Pearson developed one of the first specialized insurance programs for home inspectors. After 28 years of providing home inspectors coverage with Allen Insurance Group, Bob has partnered with us to give his clients access to our insurance benefits. He continues to attend inspection events and provide education. In his spare time, Bob enjoys relaxing at his vacation home in Florida.

dan deist

Dan Deist

CEO TTB Services

MD License #29818

Dan has lived in Maryland since 1986 and has been happily married to his wife, Mariken, since 1993. They have two boys, Harrison and Chase, and enjoy camping, outdoor activities and traveling. A favorite vacation memory of Dan’s was a trip to the Virgin Islands with the family.

Experience: Before opening Top To Bottom Services, LLC., Dan was the Vice President and Director of Operations for Fiserv Securities, Inc. a Fortune 500 company. He is a Business Management graduate from the University of Maryland University College. Dan owns several other companies in the real estate market space; a mold remediation franchise—Green Home Solutions—a software company responsible for managing Signpost placement requests—SignTraker Technologies—and a signpost installation and panel management company—Real Estate SignTraker. Dan finds fulfillment as the Lead Business Coach for InspectionGO; a nationwide industry specific coaching firm where he is helping others grow successful inspection firms.

Interesting: Dan and Mariken’s oldest son Harrison, is a psychology major and their youngest son Chase graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Architect. Dan is a transplant from Long Island, NY and Mariken is a Wisconsin Badger! As a family, they enjoy relaxing with close friends and family, traveling, and having movie nights; a favorite movie of Dan’s is Steven Spielberg ‘s Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). It is not a coincidence that his son’s name is Harrison… as in Harrison Ford.

Mark Hummel

Mark Hummel


Mark brings more than 19 years of leadership and coaching experience spanning multiple industries and disciplines. With a passion for building intelligent systems, processes, and models, Mark has helped thousands of people shift the trajectory of their lives and their businesses through teaching, coaching, and training. As a coach, Mark brings a multidisciplinary approach to business, personal, and health coaching that focuses on the person and where they are in their growth journey. As the CEO of Inspector Empire Builder, Mark is committed to shifting the way business is done in the industry by continuing to focus on the people within it. “We’re just getting started!” – Mark Hummel 

Harmony Brown

CEO Greenworks Inspections

Jessica Chitwood

Chief Growth Officer, Greenworks Inspections

Pat Conroy - Manufactured Home Certifications

Pat Conroy

MFD Home Certifications

Pat and Harold started MFD Home Certifications, US LLC in 2017 due to the need for more inspectors throughout the country to provide Manufactured Engineering Certifications a/k/a Tie Down Inspections.  In addition, they wanted to improve the level of service to inspectors and their end clients for these certifications. Through MFD Home Certifications Systems, clients get improved and quicker service, a comprehensive report and of course, the inspector makes two to three times more on each job then they would have otherwise earned through other engineering firms in the same space

Harold Van Dyk

Harold Van Dyke

MFD Home Certifications

Harold is a Certified Master Inspector. He spent 25 years in aviation as a flight instructor and flying private corporately owned business jets. He holds an Airline Transport Rating and is qualified to fly and teach in four different business jet aircraft. He retired from aviation and started a home inspection company in 1998 from which he retired in early 2022. Harold has been conducting engineering inspections of manufactured homes for over 20 years. Harold is married and enjoys boating and traveling with his wife Rebecca.

Dylan Chalk


Mike Headshot

Mike Lovelady

Mira Staffing

Your WolfPack Speakers

Aaron Shishilla

Aaron Shishilla

CEO, Founder

During his time at the University of Central Florida, Aaron gained valuable experience working as a home inspector for his family’s company. This hands-on role allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the industry. Following his graduation, Aaron transitioned to a pivotal role as the Marketing Manager at a prominent multi-inspector company, where he successfully devised and implemented a range of highly effective marketing strategies.

Building upon his extensive experience, Aaron went on to establish WolfPack Advising, where he now serves as the CEO. With a diverse portfolio of clients, WolfPack Advising has become a trusted partner to numerous businesses, offering expert guidance on all aspects of digital marketing. By leveraging their comprehensive services and tailored solutions, Aaron and his team have helped hundreds of businesses achieve remarkable results in their marketing endeavors.

Austin Hintze

Austin Hintze

CTO, Co-Founder

As CEO at Waypoint Property Inspection, Austin Hintze thoroughly understands small businesses. In WolfPack, Austin shares his expertise in new ways through marketing automation systems to scale your business.

Jenna Shishilla


As the COO of Wolfpack advising, Jenna works to ensure each department is running smoothly. Jenna joined Wolfpack full-time in December of 2022 but has been helping in various capacities behind the scenes since the company’s inception in 2019.

Ashlyn Haworth

Content Specialist

“Ashlyn joined WolfPack Advising as a Content Specialist this past year with a focus on creating optimized content that aligns with the team’s values and strategies.”

Zoe Morehouse

SEO and Web Manager

Zoe joined the WolfPack Team over two years ago and now serves as the SEO and Web Manager. She assists clients in increasing their website traffic and online presence and ensures all websites provide visitors with a seamless, user-friendly experience.

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