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Summit Speakers

We brought industry experts together to share their unique insights.

Your WolfPack Speakers

Aaron Shishilla

Aaron Shishilla

CEO, Founder

While at the University of Central Florida, Aaron worked as a home inspector for his family’s company. After graduation, Aaron worked as the Marketing Manager of Waypoint Property Inspection, a large multi-inspector home inspection company. During his tenure, he developed various successful marketing strategies and worked with other home inspection companies to scale their marketing. Today, Aaron is CEO at WolfPack Advising which advises and serves hundreds of businesses on digital marketing.

Austin Hintze

Austin Hintze

COO, Co-Founder

As CEO at Waypoint Property Inspection, Austin Hintze thoroughly understands small businesses. In WolfPack, Austin shares his expertise in new ways through marketing automation systems to scale your business.

Michelle Shishilla

Michelle Shishilla

Business Advisor, Co-Founder

As an owner of Honor Services, Michelle understands how ISN can be used for your business. Michelle was once the lead trainer at ISN and now continues to serve other business owners by optimizing their ISN.

Jenna Shishilla

Chief Operations Officer

As the COO of Wolfpack advising, Jenna works to ensure each department is running smoothly. Jenna joined Wolfpack full-time in December of 2022 but has been helping in various capacities behind the scenes since the company’s inception in 2019.

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