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Thursday, Feb 23 Agenda


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Wind Mitigation Inspection with John Shishilla

4 CEUs in Florida

How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections

This session is a 4 hours course to discuss the OIR-B1-1802 wind mitigation form.  We will discuss how to properly fill out the form and document each mitigation feature.  To include, techniques for validating roofing permits, measuring nail length and spacing, determining roof-to-wall connections, acceptable documentation for secondary water resistance, and how to properly measure a roof to determine roof shape.  We will also cover properly identifying shutters and completing the opening protection chart.

Location: Gondolier/Canaletto | Time: 8AM – 12PM

12:00PM Lunch On Your Own


John Shishilla Headshot

Four Point Inspection with John Shishilla

Course Description: This session is a three-hour course to discuss what a four-point inspection is and what it is not.  We will also discuss when it is required and what insurance underwriters expect us to look for when performing this type of inspection.  

Participant Profile: This course is primarily intended for home inspectors and contractors who wish to earn their CEU credits and/or who need training on what to look for when completing a four-point inspection for insurance underwriters.

Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion, participants should know:

    1. The four major components of a four-point home inspection
    2. How to identify the age of appliances
    3. How to determine possible life expectancy
    4. Understand each of the four points in detail and how to report possible safety hazards or un-insurable items.
    5. Understand electrical panels and identify unsafe panels such as Zinsco, Challenger, and Federal Pacific.
    6. Identify Aluminum wiring and why it could be a problem
    7. Identify Plumbing Problems such as leaks, polybutylene
    8. Identify Roofing issues such as lifting, curling, or missing shingles, identify leaks, and other roofing problems, and how to estimate life expectancy.

Location: Gondolier/Canaletto | Time: 1PM – 4PM

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